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Stations and Antenna Types

The table below lists the stations predicted to be received at this location both before and after the FCC TV channel repack. The stations are sorted according to the color-code antenna type needed to receive them currently.

The left side (current) displays each station's primary channel, network and distance and direction in degrees from this location. Click on a station for more info about the antenna type needed to receive it. The right side (FCC TV Channel Repack) displays information dependent on FCC repack auction results:

  • No change – no results displayed.
  • Channel number changing – station details, new RF Channel, FCC phase it will happen in, completion date, and antenna color-code.
  • Going off air - station details and “Going Off Air” message.

No Stations were predicted for this address

Due to factors such as terrain and distance to broadcasting towers, signal strength calculations have predicted no television stations may be reliably received at this location.

Verify the correct ZIP Code and address have been entered.

Alternatively, you may also manually move the location pointer on the map below. Click and hold the pointer, drag it to another spot and release it. Signal strength calculations for the new location will be performed. If any signals are predicted to be strong enough at that location, the recommended antenna types to receive them are displayed.

The pointer can be moved performed a maximum of six times per visit to this page.

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