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About FCC Repack

In March of 2016, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) started an auction designed to repurpose television airwaves for new uses by wireless companies. At the conclusion of the auction in March of 2017, the FCC announced that nearly 1,000 local television stations must move to new frequencies between 2018-2020. Stations are assigned to a particular timeframe, or phase, to complete their frequency moves (see below for phase schedule). Note - this only impacts viewers who receive their local stations using an antenna. Cable and satellite service customers are not impacted.
View this informational video to learn more about the changes coming to local TV stations and the impact on antenna TV viewers.

Transition Schedule

Phase Testing Period Start Date Phase Completion Date
0 9/13/2018
1 9/14/2018 11/30/2018
2 12/1/2018 4/12/2019
3 4/13/2019 6/21/2019
4 6/22/2019 8/2/2019
5 8/3/2019 9/6/2019
6 9/7/2019 10/18/2019
7 10/19/2019 1/17/2020
8 1/18/2020 3/13/2020
9 3/14/2020 5/1/2020
10 5/2/2020 7/3/2020
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About FCC Repack
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