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3:15 AM 09/22/19

Drew Prindle
It's often overwhelming to navigate Hulu's robust library of TV shows. To help, we put together a list of the best shows on Hulu, whether you're into frenetic cartoons, intelligent dramas, or anything in between.

7:15 PM 09/21/19

Will Nicol
From dramas to blockbusters, Hulu offers some great films to its subscribers. Check out the best movies on Hulu, whether you're into charming adventure tales or gruesome horror stories.

6:15 PM 09/21/19

Will Nicol
If the movie or TV show you're watching looks surreal, it's because of a TV setting known as video interpolation, or motion smoothing. The result is the dreaded Soap Opera Effect, and this is how to get rid of it forever.

5:22 PM 09/21/19

Kris Wouk
Mexico City is hosting the Ultimate Fighting Championship for the fifth time in MMA history. UFC Fight Night 159: Rodríguez vs. Stephens will air on ESPN+,

3:37 PM 09/21/19

Lucas Coll
The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max finally come with fast chargers, but not every iPhone does. Here's how to fast charge your iPhone, from the 8 to the 11 Pro Max.

2:00 PM 09/21/19

Mark Jansen
Dogs get bored when their master is away. Combat this with the Go Dogo entertainment system, a smart pet entertainment system that provides fun challenges to pets.

1:15 PM 09/21/19

Patrick Hearn
Feel like you’re drowning in podcasts? In this weekly series, we’ll help you pick out the best of the new and returning shows. This week, cats, a Paralympian, Veronica Mars, and a happiness project.

12:15 PM 09/21/19

Jenny McGrath
The biggest, highest-resolution OLED TV you can buy -- LG's Signature Z9 88-inch Class 8K Smart OLED TV -- is now on sale in the U.S. for a whopping $30,000.

11:45 AM 09/21/19

Simon Cohen
The Google Nest Hub Max is arguably the best smart display around. We break down how to set up your Google Nest Hub Max to ensure it is properly ready to serve you.

10:24 AM 09/21/19

John Velasco
Cord cutting is a great way to save money, but watching sports online can be tricky due to restrictions. If you want to stream UFC, the world’s biggest MMA promoter has joined with ESPN to bring the action online. Here's how to watch.

9:57 AM 09/21/19

Lucas Coll
Looking for a new show to binge? Lucky for you, we've curated a list of the best shows on Netflix, whether you're a fan of outlandish anime, dramatic period pieces, or shows that leave you questioning what lies beyond.

7:15 PM 09/20/19

Will Nicol
Here's everything you need to know about CBS All Access, including how much it costs, what content is available, and how to cancel your subscription.

4:17 PM 09/20/19

Josh Levenson
Reverie Connect is technology that allows users to adjust Bluetooth-compatible Reverie frames with nothing but their voice. Users can set their bed in one of nine positions and create bedtime routines.

3:48 PM 09/20/19

Patrick Hearn
Trolling the internet for hours to find headphones is no way to live. Instead, leverage our expertise and experience to find the best headphones for you. Here are our favorites, with all the features you want.

3:33 PM 09/20/19

Parker Hall
For the first time, NFL fans will be able to watch Thursday Night Football matchups in 4K and HDR on a wide variety of devices via Fox Sports.

1:51 PM 09/20/19

Simon Cohen
From compelling dramas to groundbreaking sci-fi sagas and hilarious comedies, these popular TV series have surprisingly never won a Primetime Emmy Award.

1:35 PM 09/20/19

Christine Persaud
Apple's most recent update to its AirPlay protocol is called Airplay 2, and it's available on select devices now. We're here to explain what AirPlay 2 is, how it's different from the first AirPlay, and how you can take advantage of it.

1:34 PM 09/20/19

Parker Hall
Beats has announced that iOS 13's audio sharing feature will be available on all Beats-branded headphones with an Apple H1 or Apple W1 chip from September 23.

1:17 PM 09/20/19

Josh Levenson
Walmart dropped 40% off this 43-inch Sony Bravia Ultra HD Smart 4K TV. Get it now for only $475 instead of $798, and save $323.

1:13 PM 09/20/19

Jufer Cooper